The Jeep Grand Cherokee Isn’t Just for Mountain Men


The Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t just for bearded, axe-toting mountain men clothed in jean and flannel. While it certainly boasts superior toughness and strength, it also provides the lavish features that pamper and indulge. This SUV can even satisfy those who wish to create less of a carbon footprint. It is a robust powerhouse with tremendous fuel efficiency.

This is especially true for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. Its 3-liter V6 turbodiesel, created by VM Motori, cranks out 240 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, blazing from 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. An available Eco Mode seamlessly adjusts gears and other means to save fuel, easily topping the E.P.A. rating. In a world of delicate suburban crossovers, statistics like this are quite laudable considering this model is 5,400 pounds and seats five passengers.

Brief interjection for the bearded mountain men: This beast has a towing capacity of up to 7,400 pounds.

On the inside, the 2014 Grand Cherokee’s cabin is technically advanced and lavish. Attractive trim, extra-strong lumbar adjustment, 8.4-inch display, electronic console shifter, and supple finishes compete with any brand. The UConnect infotainment system offers features typically reserved for exorbitantly priced luxury models, including an iPad-friendly WiFi connection.

The redesigned exterior boasts LED marker lights, a larger hatch window, restyled body fascias, and a power liftgate. An impressive Quadra-Lift air suspension can be lowered for easy loading, or it can be raised nearly eleven inches for greater ground clearance.

Though the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel is a beast, driving it is a serene experience no matter if you’re traveling over asphalt, gravel, snow, mud, sand or rock.

Enjoy this video that demonstrates the power of the Grand Cherokee:

If you’ll be in the market for a new vehicle, this gorgeous diesel SUV comes in three models: Limited, Overland, and Summit. Speaking of being on the market, the great brand ambassadors down at AutoPark Chrysler Jeep are waiting to help you determine which vehicle will best satisfy your wants and needs.

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