Jeep Plant Adding 1,000 Jobs to Meet Demand

In recent weeks, we’ve been inundated with gloomy news stories that range from unsettling events in Crimea to the search for the Malaysian airline jet. We at AutoPark Chrysler Jeep want to offer some good news coming out of Ohio regarding the Jeep brand. After all, good news is good news – no matter its origins.

Jeep Production

Photo: Business Week

If you paid attention to the culmination of the 2012 presidential election, a Jeep plant based in Toledo, Ohio, became the focal point of one candidate’s speech. In that speech, the candidate strongly suggested that the plant would be relocated to China for cheaper labor costs. We know: this all sounds like more doom and gloom. Here’s the good news…

Not only has the Jeep plant not been relocated, it is currently searching for 1,000 part-time workers to help meet the overwhelming demand (and they’re getting health insurance to boot!). Of those part-time jobs, the company has already hired 380 temporary workers and 50 of those were transitioned into full-time positions. This bodes well for Fiat Chrysler Automotives as it seeks to boost profits.

Toledo Assembly Plant Manager Chuck Padden explained that the hiring of these part-time employees ensures production continues while regular employees, who’ve been working more than sixty hours per week, can receive an extra day off to spend with family. “Our people have been working a tremendous amount of hours,” he said. “To get them more time off is important to us, to make sure they’re refreshed, and can work safely… And while employees generally like the extra pay that results from working overtime, such lengthy stretches can wear on workers.”

Wrangler enthusiasts may also celebrate the success of the Toledo plant: it has been approved to operate its Wrangler assembly line on Saturdays.

If you’re interested in the Jeep brand, we welcome you to come speak with a brand specialist regarding one of the models in our vast inventory. From the Cherokee to the Wranglers, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

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