Safety Tips for Your Holiday Travels

Family pride…

At AutoPark Chrysler Jeep, we are a proud family – a family of mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, uncles, fathers, and more. There is nothing more devastating than a loved one being injured on account of our own actions. As winter approaches, the inclement weather poses a greater risk for anyone behind the wheel. Snow and ice cause thousands of accidents per year, and we all feel the anxiety of holiday travel coupled with these less than ideal conditions.

Our service experts at AutoPark Chrysler Jeep want to extend a few tips to ensure you safely arrive at your holiday destination.

Preparation is the key…

• Do not solely depend on your smartphone’s navigation. It is important to know the route you are taking and any construction plans or closings that may detour you onto unfamiliar roads. Place a state map(s) in the car just in case the navigation software is outdated.
• Check the trunk to make sure you are equipped with ice scrapers, jumper cables, rope, road salt, and sand. These items will help with a number of emergencies that would otherwise leave you stranded and feeling helpless.
• Grab a small travel bag to store blankets, flashlights, matches, flares, first aid kits, and any enjoyable reading material. These are little comforts that can manage minor problems during a breakdown or other emergency.
• Stop frequently when possible. The heat in the car, the stress of winter weather, and the clamor of family in the car have the potential to fatigue any driver. It is important to make routine stops and breathe in some crisp air while stretching those legs.
• Most importantly: have your car examined before you begin your trip.

How AutoPark Chrysler Jeep Can Help – FREE Holiday Travel Check-up

Our great service department wants to offer you a FREE holiday travel check-up. This includes a full array of examinations that inspect the most vital components of your vehicle. We want to help make you feel safe on the road, so let our experts give you that peace of mind.

Our check-up includes:

1. Tire inspection
2. Battery inspection
3. Vital fluid analysis
4. Windshield wiper inspection
5. Engine check
6. Lights check
7. Safety belt and restraint inspection
8. Exhaust system check
9. Heating/ventilation check

Do not leave your family’s safety to chance. Let us give you this holiday gift.

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