Jeep Introduces Renegade at the Geneva Motor Show

When Jeep decided to re-enter the mid-size SUV market, it chose to restore a model with an established history of rugged toughness and capability. This new vehicle, after all, would have strong competition in its class. 2014’s Geneva Motor Show would be the location where the legendary automaker would reveal its newest creation: the 2015 Jeep Renegade.


Photo: Four Wheeler

The Renegade was built to appeal to a younger audience, so it has the off-road performance expected of the brand, as well as chic styling that can draw attention.

First introduced in 1962, the moniker would be dropped a few years later. Now, 40 years after the last Renegade rolled off the production line, Jeep revived it to challenge the competition. This new iteration has all the markings of a classic Jeep: 7-slat grille, round headlights, and trapezoidal wheel arches. Despite its design, there’s still something fresh and unique about it that distinguishes it from its siblings – it’s seemingly renegade. A non-Jeep styled rear with individual curves and flares and a bright, open interior further separate it from tradition. Most car critics have touted the amazing visibility thanks to the vehicle’s double sliding roof and use of plentiful glass.


Photo: Four Wheel

What may be the most amazing characteristic about the Renegade is that the automaker advocates this model as a “World Jeep.” The automaker will offer 16 different powertrains to specifically match needs in various markets. With independent front and rear suspension and perfect 4X4 architecture, this Jeep can conquer any terrain in a civilized manner.

For the more adventurous drivers, a Trailhawk edition with a larger lift, nicer tread, and real tow hooks will also reach the American market.

If you’re not already a Jeep enthusiast, you will be if you come down to test drive one of this brand’s many models. For more information about what Jeep has to offer, we welcome you down to AutoPark Chrysler Jeep to speak with one of our knowledgeable brand specialists to find the perfect match for you.

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