You’re Welcome, America; 2014’s Auto Sales Propped Up By Jeep


Man, are our shoulders tired. Atlas, why didn’t you tell us that the world is so heavy? It can be exhausting carrying all y’all in 2014. But, someone has to do it, and for this year at least, that someone is Jeep. We wonder if one day Jeep will shrug.

What we’re talking about are the sales numbers that have been completed thus far for 2014. What we’re finding is this:

  • Industry-wide sales of all brands of automakers rose, on average, 4 percent
  • Fiat-Chrysler quadrupled that with a growth of 16 percent
  • I mean, Holy Toledo, that’s a lot of growth
  • Of all sales growth in the entire industry, 25 percent of all new vehicles sold were Jeeps
  • That means Jeep was single-handedly responsible for 25 percent of growth in the entire U.S. automotive industry in 2014
  • *drops mic*

Put plainly, Americans love their Jeeps. Looking strictly at the data, 2014 was the year of the Jeep. More Jeeps were sold in 2014 than any other brand. Ten years from now when you look at used cars on the road, we will see an awful lot of Jeeps.

To top it off, IHS Automotive says that Jeep gained in brand loyalty by 16 percent, which brings it to third place industry-wide. Added to earlier survey results which named Jeep the most patriotic brand in America—beating out stalwarts like Coca-Cola and McDonalds—and we’d say that Jeep is having a pretty good year.

What’s next for Jeep? Space travel? Harnessing moonlight? Figuring out why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? We can only hope. What we do know is that Jeep’s first-ever crossover SUV, the Renegade, is coming out soon, and if these numbers tell us anything it’s that Jeep is on fire.

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