Let’s Go Retro – Jeep’s 1994 “Snow Covered” Ad

If you ask Don Draper – following a mid-morning drink, of course – what the purpose of advertising is, he’d likely finish a drag on his cigarette before answering in his curt manner: emotional. Regardless of the means of presentation, an advertisement should evoke a strong feeling. Some brands want to inspire confidence, instill desire, or simply cause a laugh. The automotive industry relies heavily upon the ability of advertising to pique consumers’ interest.

The competitive nature of the automotive industry compels car manufacturers to allocate immense budgets to in-house marketing departments or independent agencies. Using celebrity endorsements, computer-generated graphics, and other strategies, they all vie for our attention – especially during the Super Bowl.


Jeep Commercial


Believe it or not there was a time when audiences could find value in simplicity. Take, for example, the “Snow Covered” ad that Jeep released in 1994. While it did apply a degree of CGI, it champions the performance of the actual vehicle. The brand focuses on the ability of its models, like the Wrangler, to master the worst of roadway conditions – and off the road, too. There are no scantily-clad women or absurd parties being thrown in the rear of the cabin. It’s just the snow-covered mountain… and the Jeep.

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