This Jeep Has The Skin and Insides Of A WWII Fighter Plane

Bombs away. We’ve seen a lot of cool Jeeps in our day, but few can match this World War II-inspired 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Created by Hauk Designs, this Jeep incorporates a ton of vintage equipment from the fighter planes and bombers of the 1940s. The result is a Jeep that looks, feels and sounds like it’s meant to take to the skies.

Let’s start with the outside. Hauk Designs used its full armor package which is the polished aluminum body with smooth rivets that we’ve all seen in WWII movies. Next up is a pair of faux machine gun barrels that rise out of the hood. They’re actually filters for the twin turbochargers that feed into the engine, but they spin just like a machine gun at the time would have, and will definitely draw some worried glances from the people in front of you.

Photo: GM Authority

Photo: GM Authority

The interior, however, is where the coolest vintage gear is. There are two steering wheels, just like the old bombers had, for pilot and co-pilot. These came from a B-24 bomber. The red thumb buttons and toggle switches on the steering yokes now control the radio, which itself was lifted from an old warbird, still functioning and sounding crisp.

To start the Jeep, there is a sequence of switches with red covers. Just like in the movies, you flip up the covers with a satisfying snap, then switch all the toggles to “ON” before pressing the ignition button and hearing the engine come alive. That’s a degree of nostalgia and history that is impossible to possess, short of buying an old fighter plane. Even the transmission shifter is an old flaps controller from a T-6 fighter plane.

All in all, this is an incredible model, and a testament to the unique ways that you can make a Jeep your own. Autopark Chrysler Jeep is your Jeep dealer in Cary.

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