Jeeps At SEMA Basically The Coolest Jeeps of The Year

Photos: Autoblog

Photos: Autoblog

If you’ve been looking for unique Jeep designs to inspire modifications of your own Wrangler, Cherokee, or the like, you will definitely appreciate the special editions unveiled at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show recently in Las Vegas. This annual trade show is not open to the public, but thanks to the wonders of the press, we have plenty of photos and info about the different models Jeep was showing off.

Specifically, the Cherokee Dakar, Maximum Performance Wrangler and Wrangler Mojo were the models present. Sharp-eyed Jeep fans will recognize those names: they were actually first revealed at the 2014 Easter Safari during…Easter, but April was a long time ago. Jeep probably figured we wouldn’t mind a refresher.

These models are a testament to how awesome a Jeep can look with a little extra effort. Sure, Jeeps already have a look that appeals to people; the purpose, however, of something like SEMA is basically aftermarket parts. These are all the cool lifts, scuff plates and body kits that can make a Jeep truly your own.


You can find a thorough description at Autoblog of everything happening with each of these models. What we like about them is how easily they can be replicated by any DIYer. Cold-air intakes and LED lights are easy enough to come by, and installation isn’t too tricky either. Exhaust systems might be a little out of reach for the average Jeep owner, but you’d be surprised at how many resources pop up in a Google search.

Adventurousness has always been part of the Jeep brand. Today, that spirit extends to working on the Jeep itself. You don’t need to know anything about cars, just have a lot of patience and start with smaller projects. Even better, tweet your progress at us and we’ll try to follow along.

Given that we are the Jeep dealer for Cary, you can always stop by for advice, parts or a second opinion. We’d love to help.


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